Glee Live

This weekend we celebrated my wife’s birthday by indulging in one of our favorite guilty pleasures by seeing the cast of the tv show Glee perform live at the Universal Amphitheater.  They could have easily titled the show “songs you never thought you would hear a 9-year-old sing.”  Over half the crowd was under the age of 10 but yet they all sang along to Salt n Peppa’s “Push it”, “Sweet Caroline” and the jazz standard “The Lady is a Tramp.”  The concert itself was an hour and a half of celebrating what the break out show has accomplished so far as well as provide an oportunity for the performers to show how vocally talented they really are.  It’s easy to be sceptical while watching them sing on tv because of all the post production and lip syncing but I can assure you that this cast can really sing.  The highlight of the night was hearing Chris Colfer and Lea Michelle (Kurt and Rachel from the show) blend their voices on a heartfelt version of “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked.  That song seemed to capture the entire sentiment of the evening (and the tv show) that these friends have found something in music that they can share and overcome all the awkwardness and angst of high school. My wife tried her hardest not to geek out too hard about the show and luckily her excitement was drowned out by the shrieking kids yelling “ah, smoosh it.”


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