I was reading a blog today that my friend Barry recommended by a guy named Kester Brewin.  It’s a neat place with lots of theology and culture interaction that you can check out here… but I was taken by a post he wrote about how important stories are to our faith.  If you think about it, most faiths are built around stories of things that happened far before we knew what faith was.  He says:

“Stories are vital to all aspects of belief in all faiths. I can’t think of a faith where story is not absolutely central, and while some may mock from the sidelines and say that this is because all faith is fiction, I’d argue that this is precisely the point: faith concerns something that must be told obliquely. Rationalise a sunset and you’ve destroyed the beauty.”

I am swimming in stories at the moment as I prepare a message for my last Sunday working at a chuch.  I am using stories from a sacred text and a children’s book while somehow weaving them together into what will hopefully become something meaningful to the people who hear it.  It is not lost on me that this is all happening as I am immersed in a transitional part in my own life story if you will.  In my reflection these last couple weeks I have really tried to focus on what stories I live my life by and how they dance with each other and play out in my life.  There is something exciting and liberating about thinking of my life as a novel or a kids story… stories that are filled with wonder, adventure and excitement.  Right now my I’m a little blinded by nerves and frustration but I look forward to a time where I am able to look back and appreciate this time for what it is, an adventure.


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