Final Sunday

This past Sunday was my last Sunday serving a congregation that I have been a part of for almost 6 years.  The students of the church and I worked hard to provide a worship experience that was unique to their interests and gave the opportunity for all their best talents.  We built the service around a wonderful book by Dr. Seuss called “On Beyond Zebra” that shows us what happens when we take a step outside our comfort zone and start exploring past our current knowledge.  If you want to hear the message I gave you can find it here.

As a parting gift the chruch gave me a book of poems, written in the Dr. Seuss style, from the members of the congregation.  It’s a really cool memento that I will cherish as I move forward.  In one of the poems written by a current student, he called my style of ministry “be-happy-bible-beard-bop”… which is pretty spot on if you ask me.  It was a great day to go out with and I hope that it was just the first step in a new integration of the students into the life of the church.


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