Creepy Kids’ Movies

I love Paste Magazine and one of the most fun features they have is their “list of the day” blog. The lists they provide are always entertaining and a fun way to spark conversation. A couple days ago they released their top 20 creepiest kids’ movies of all time and I was amused at how many of the movies I grew up with.  There were the standard creepers on the list like “The Dark Crystal”, “Gremlins” and “Labyrinth” but I was happy/surprised to see two of my childhood favorites make the list, “The Brave Little Toaster” and “Return to OZ.”  I can still remember running around my house as a kid pretending to be one of the Wheelies from OZ while holding a wheel I had taken off of my bed frame.  Check out the list and see which of your favorites are on there and enjoy these clips from my two creepies.


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