Soccer, Fighting & Vampires

What better way to celebrate the independence weekend than watching Germany dominate? I spent my sophomore year of college in Heidelberg, Germany and have adopted Die Mannschaft (literally translated “The Team”) as my international team of choice. Sure I enjoy watching the US do well but I can’t escape the urge to cheer for the team that began my love of soccer. What made this game versus Argentina so much fun was that my wife and I were able to watch it with my Maradona-loving friend John and his wife. John and I have a long history of Germany vs. Argentina match-ups from our four years living together playing FIFA on the xbox and watching our teams battle it out in the last World Cup (Germany won on penalty kicks). They were gracious enough to invite us over for breakfast to watch the game and we were gracious enough to get up at 6 am on a Saturday to get over there in time. When we got to their place, John had hung his Argentine flag right underneath the TV and was all ready for the beautiful game to start. I tried really hard not to rub it in his face when Germany dominated 4-0 but I’m sure he could hear my internal cackling. It’s always more fun to watch these games with a group of people and we were really happy to spend the time with our friends but I’m planning on finding a German bar here in LA to watch the semifinal against Spain.

Because my wife was so wonderful to get up and indulge my soccer fanaticism on Saturday, I went with her to go see the new Twilight movie. I have to admit, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting… in fact, I actually enjoyed some of it. My wife and I have had numerous joking arguments about what are considered real vampires and how they act/can be killed. This movie was not driven as much by disinterested teenage angst and heavy breathing actors but by back story and a coming war between vampires (with the help of werewolves.) This was easily the best of the series so far (yes, I have seen the other two) and a far better movie than others have seen this summer (I’m looking at you A-Team).
For those of you who would like a vampire primer, Paste has given us a field guide to vampires and a history of the pop-culture vampire.

Other fun things over the weekend included watching Brock Lesnar prove he is the scariest man on the planet in UFC 116… I was listening to the Scott VanPelt show yesterday at the gym and his question of the day was “would you get into the cage against Brock armed with an aluminum bat?” The correct answer is no, not a chance. I do love some MMA and the heavyweight fight did not disappoint. As for the 4th itself, we had a great relaxing morning and then a chilled out BBQ with friends and family at my sister’s place. It was my mom’s first cookout since moving from Chicago and she was laughing because we grilled turkey burgers and had salad while the midwest was gorging themselves on bratwurst and potato salad. Welcome to Cali mom! Now it’s off to watch Netherlands vs. Uruguay before continuing the job hunt.


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