“We all have some history with boats, whether our grandparents came over that way or whether we used them as kids.   The canoe, for example, is such a simple form, an ancient form.  And it’s 100 percent figurative, designed around the human figure” – Nancy Rubins

I had lunch with my friend Barry today just to catch up on what has been happening in life and the world cup.  He had been overseas for a couple of weeks and it was great chatting with him about his experiences back home in London and teaching a class in Orvieto, Italy.  After we were finished he and I went over to the Gagosian Gallery to check out their new exhibit by Nancy Rubins called “Skins, Structures, Landmasses.”  She made two incredible structures out of metal canoes that looked something between a flower and an exploding start.  It was a lot of fun walking around these sculptures and seeing their construction and form.  Upstairs there were three other canoe collages that were also quite neat to look at.  If you are near Beverly Hills it is really worth checking out.


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