Cee-Lo & Band of Horses

Cee-Lo Green (probably best known as the singer of Gnarles Barkley) has done an amazing cover of the Band of Horses song “No One’s Gonna Love You.” The BoH version is few songs that I can remember exactly when and where I heard it for the first time… I was lying on an inflatable mattress in the parlor of my soon to be aunt/uncle-in-law’s Christmas time of 2007. I had just downloaded the album “Cease to Begin” and wanted to give it a listen before going to sleep, needless to say I was up for the next hour or so becoming familiar with what is still one of my favorite albums. When “No One’s Gonna Love You” came on I remember feeling an odd connection to the song as I was working out what a life with my future wife was going to look like while wrestling with all the doubts and fears that come with that step in life. The song came to me as a calming wave that allowed me to step back and appreciate what was happening. Anyhow, Cee-Lo has done a great job re-interpreting the song and I think you will all really enjoy it.


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