Netflix binge

My wife and I have been on quite the netflix binge these past couple weeks. Maybe it’s because we actually had some time off together or the fact that everything but shopping hysteria and family awkwardness shuts down for a couple weeks that we were actually able to enjoy some films. We try our hardest to organize our movie que so that one of us doesn’t dominate what we get in the mail or else we would be saturated with either the Coen brothers or romantic comedies. All in all we have watched 13 movies since mid December, some great and some terribly disappointing, with only a few that really stood out. The ones that I think are actually worth watching are:

Temple Grandin – We remembered this made for HBO movie raking in awards and since my wife has a history working with autistic children we gave it a shot and loved it! It is a beautiful look into the mind of someone that was labeled “different” while telling a story of hope and perseverance.

The Road – The book by Cormac McCarthy is possibly my favorite novel and the movie does not disappoint. It’s a bleak tale of a man and a boy in post-apocalyptic Appalachia trying to survive as they make their way toward the coast. Like most movie adaptations, it helps to read the book first because there are some incredibly dark and disturbing parts to the story that the movie doesn’t have time to deal with as well as the novel. Once I was able to get past the darkness that surrounds the characters I was appreciated the story as one of love and hope in the midst of the worst possible situations. It’s not a real pick-me-up of a film but certainly worth the watch.

There you go, two movies to add to what is probably already too long a list of things to watch. I’m also trying my best to see movies that are Oscar contenders but will deal with those once the nominations come out.


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