Grammy Review

Ever since the Grammys gave album of the year to the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack in 2002 I’ve been skeptical of the show as nothing more than rewarding the best selling artists of the year. Never the less I found myself sitting on my couch last night ready to see the best, or worst, of what the music world had to offer. Here are my thoughts:

– Why on earth did it start at 8pm on the west coast? For goodness sakes I drove past where it was taking place on my way home from dinner but had to wait another hour for it to start. 11:30 is way too late for a show to end on a Sunday night… wow that made me sound like a crotchety old fellow.

– How is Lady Antebellum still winning awards for “Need You Now”? The song was released on August 24th, 2009 and they even played it on last year’s Grammys! I guess since the album it came out on was released last January it technically fits in the calendar year, but still, that song is now up there with Lifehouse’s “Hanging by a Moment” as things I wish to never hear again.

– Cee Lo Green is fantastic. I loved everything about his performance (see my post below) and it brought a perfect kind of weird to what were otherwise un-memorable performances… I’m talking about you Streisand.

– It proved that there is good music out there if you’re willing to dig a little bit. I think the one of the big winners had to be Arcade Fire for their Grammy wins but also for their performances. I loved how they decided to play “Ready to Start” after winning album of the year and how Win Butler couldn’t keep the smile off of his face while singing. The other winner was Mumford and Sons for the way they ripped through “The Cave” and won over just about anyone who saw it. They were a great find at the start of the year and I’m glad they are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Other highlights of the show were:
Muse absolutely crushing “Uprising” and showing why they have been quietly taking over the world.
B.O.B’s monocle
Will and Jada cheering on Jaden Smith like they were two proud parents at a middle school talent show.
The pug dog puppet in a diaper that was dressed like Cee Lo and danced next to his piano.
Keith Urban, John Mayer and Norah Jones doing a cool version of “Jolene”
Following my friends sarcastic comments on Twitter. I think my favorite was from @lemdavely “It’s not a pancake hat. I was born this way.”

Other low lights for me were:
The Diva scream-off at the end of the Aretha tribute
Everything about Bruno Mars
B.O.B’s terrible fake guitar playing
The creepy Usher/Bieber bromance that included the line; “If it was meant to be…”
Dylan’s harmonica playing
All the unnecessary things during the performances e.g. the protesters during Muse, the bonfire on stage for Rihanna and the BMX riders during Arcade Fire.

Over all I was entertained and happy to see some credible musicians win. I do wish they would have given more credit to all the awards given out earlier in the night and if you care you can read about them here. So there you go, food for thought if nothing else. Now I’m off to go see Everest at Spaceland… hooray for free live music.


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