Banksy in LA

When I found out that street artist Banksy had created this artwork in Westwood village this morning I immediately cleared time in my schedule to go check it out. The work, which is being called “Crayola Shooter”, is amazing! The colors are incredibly vivd and the detail of the spray paint work is absolutely astounding. It’s so cool to be able to get right up next to a piece of artwork like this and be able to see where the stencils he used line up and then see the different textures of the flowers and birds. If you live in LA it’s absolutely worth checking out… it’s located in an alley behind an Urban Outfitters off of Kinross avenue between Westwood and Glendon.

The “Crayola Shooter” isn’t the only work that Banksy had done over the past couple days with images and billboards popping up all over LA. If you want to check out what he’s done you can see them on his website. I’m hoping this means that the guerrilla artist will stay in LA for a while and is planning something, a celebration if you will, for the Academy Awards next Sunday in honor of his film “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” Keep your eyes out for new art!


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