Burgers, Video Games and the Telecaster

Some really fun things came through Twitter today that I thought you might get a kick out of. The first thing comes from LAWeekly and their quest to try 30 burgers in 30 days. They have been doing this search for a while and just posted their 5 best burgers so far. I haven’t tried any of these but going to a place called the Lazy Ox Canteen for the “Best Char Burger” sounds like a good plan for the weekend.

Tomorrow is the first day of March and so begins the only time people pretend to really care about college basketball. The real fun is when the NCAA tournament field is released and we get to fill out our brackets to prove how much we know but eventually lose in the tournament pool to someone who bases their picks on school mascots. Doug Gottlieb from ESPN radio has provided us with an awesome bracket to vote on to tide us over until selection Sunday, the sports video game bracket. The #1 seeds are hard to argue with; Techno Super Bowl, NHL ’94, NBA Jam and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I like Punch Out to take the crown but wouldn’t be surprised if NFL Blitz and RBI Baseball upset some of the favorites.

Finally, the Fender Telecaster celebrates it’s 60th birthday and NPR has a great article celebrating the people who have used the Tele to wail. While I love Telecaster users like Johnny Greenwood and Springsteen I decided to post a video of the man that made me love the Tele, Andy Summers.


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