Lent Soundtrack

I have a love/hate relationship with Lent. On one hand it’s my favorite time of the liturgical year because we are confronted with our limitations and mortality, something I find myself thinking about a lot in regards to faith. But Lent can also become watered down with what feel like spiritual new years resolutions or diminished by the knowledge of a coming Easter. I tried giving stuff up, one year I gave up all beverages but water which is quite a sacrifice knowing how much I love coffee and beer. After my time of sacrifice I didn’t get a new spiritual understanding or connection with the divine, instead I was irritable and well hydrated.

So this year I decided to make a play list from one of my favorite musicians and theologians Nick Cave to help encompass what this time means to me. There is a lot of questioning, a lot frustration but also a hope that there is ultimately something beyond our frustration. These aren’t necessarily my favorite songs but ones that inspire me to think and reflect about what it means to be a person of faith when faced with the reality of life. I hope that you all have something to focus your thoughts for these next few weeks and that your process is more than just giving up chocolate. Here’s my Lent soundtrack:

1. Get Ready For Love
2. We Call Upon the Author
3. Supernaturally
4. Spell
5. Wonderful Life
6. O Children
7. Carry Me
8. Abattoir Blues
9. Bring it On
10. The Ship Song
11. Into My Arms
12. Death is Not the End
13. God is in the House


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